Monday, August 25, 2008

This is currently what home looks like:Thankfully I have a sanctuary that looks like this:

(Yes, I've been reunited with Mitch and 猴子, my sleeping Monkeys)

It's sparse, I know, but there ARE NO BOXES IN THIS ROOM!


So David London, being the better friend that he is (better than I, the one that forgot his birthday), said he got me a present and I've currently found Season one of Skins in my possession.

David London,

You.... RULE!

SO! I guess once I clear some wall space, the boyo and I will be throwing some Skins onto our walls via projector. Maybe I'll make it a night.

There's a longer post in me somewhere, but I'm still losing track of time and I never seem to get enough sleep. I'll post about Home later.

I'm going to go dream happy dreams now... even if our light mysteriously came on last night while we were trying to go to sleep.
*bites nails*


Unknown said...

according to my non-chinese computer... one of the monkeys is named 73/34 58/50

Anonymous said...

Mitch and houzi? Mitch and monkey?

猴子. Yep, that's monkey. How do you know the characters for monkey? Ooo, ooo [monkey style]... are your characters Japanese and pronounced differently?

~:{ ... }:~ said...

Wall filmz, winez and shaboooshaboooz please!!!

Also...Liz?!? I'll be in LA for me from my relatives for a day?? Looks like I'll be down the 22-23 through the 29th(have'nt bought the ticket yet).

Ceci Virtue said...

Da5id - well the characters show up quite well on eddie... and apparently Cedric could read them ok :P

Cedric - I named my Monkey Monkey in Chinese 'cause he was the travel monkey that I got when I went on my trip to China. So I call him houzi :) I know, I know... it's like me naming a dog, perro. Still... I like it.

Kat - I think you'll adore Skins. It's a BBC4 series about teenagers in HS that I became addicted to in London.
As for your trip to LA, you should also contact Leigh as she might be around (but you never know with that traveling fool!)

Anonymous said...

KitKat! Of course we will get together whilst you are here! I will be in Vegas for a bit but I will be around!