Monday, April 28, 2008

I just remembered that Indie 103.1 does stream! WOW! hahahaa... you'd think I'd have remembered that. It's really one of the best radio stations that I've heard in a LONG time! In fact, it's home of a late beloved radio station known as MARS FM... which used to have an industrial hour... or whatever it was... they had a show for industrial music and that was pretty neat.
This was back in the days when I swore I'd end up with Ogre of Skinny Puppy... or someone like him :) Now I've just my boyo... and he's pretty neat too (cyberpunk and all... I mean...come on! Da5id from Snow Crash!?)

I miss new music so I decided I'd tune back in to indie 103 for my fix. I cannot, nay must not become stagnant...

Speaking of new music... whilst looking sort of half-heartedly for a deep plum almost black color of lipstick for Kat on the 'net I found a video by... shoot.... oh yeah... Laydon.. or something... Landon! that's it...I'll post the link here in case you want to see for yourself. I know... I know... it's sorter promoting isn't it? She's still an artist and you can decide for yourself. So, yes, Landon... the music is catchy and jumpy... but... ok here's my problem. The bio read that this was trent reznor and shirley manson in one.
yeah, I don't think so.
Why is it that any chick that people say is "in your face" is equated with Ms. Manson and Mr. Reznor? If anything, give me Lesley Rankine of Ruby or give me Res! I just... sorry...haha... I'm not sure that I agree with the profile in that, I just don't see it! If you throw out those names, I'll take a listen to it... but if you fall short... I can't help but feel jiped (is there an actual spelling for this word? gypd? Jypd? gipped? giped? jipped?)

I mean... it's not bad music, but I just don't find it to be what's advertised.

Nothing makes me happier than good music! I went looking for a couple that I'd heard on Indie (which is what had me going back to the broadcast today) on Wednesday and I found them!

Tegan and Sara's "Where does the good go"
BroadDaylight's "Tonight with me"

which at first took me to the long forgotten Gabriel Rios' "Broad Day Light" that I hadn't heard in...4 years or so.

*jumps about like a 15 year old*

Today my sister and her new husband brought over all we needed to make caprihinas. Dad provided tequila for shots. Me? I made empanadas.
So what do we end up doing? Listening to Mariachi music and playing around with the little magnet of the mariachi guy and my dad's tequila bottle.

*giggles like a maniac and runs away*


Unknown said...

The magnet is worth the price of admission for that bottle

Ceci Virtue said...

We almost got that little guy stuck in there... I like the bottom pic in that one of his eyes looks REALLY big...

dad passed out again... and this time so did i... but ony for about an hour. 96 here...ewwwww

leigh said...

ahhhh, happy times at the mendez house, sounds so nice. i love that little magnet guy, too freakin funny : ) love you kiddo