Saturday, April 26, 2008

Million Blog List

So I was reading Contrariwise Ramblings ... you know, like you do, and I saw this post on the Million Blog List. This is an experiment to see how long it takes to list 1,000,000 on this site.
So I figured... why not!?

If you'd like to add your blog, here's what you do:
- Go to the section containing the last of the listed numbers
- At the top of that section, click on the edit button.
- this will take you to a screen containing HTML code. At the end of the list type in the next number and something like this
:1073 [ Reconciling Saints] The (sometimes)Funny, (generally) Surreal and (always) Adventurous life of Ceci.
which is what I wrote... so basically, your website address, the name your listing it as and a description of your website.