Wednesday, June 14, 2017

In trying to write the book I'm trying to write (following me?), I keep restarting.


Well, it's quite simple and yet not.

The book I want to write is complicated in that I want it to convey truth... errr... emotions? experiences? correctly and well.

The first idea seemed too contrived. The second idea was too planned out and the emotion was sorter... dragged out causing it to be overdramatic. The third was too "afterschool special." So this fourth one... and fifth.... and sixth? are kind of me throwing darts to see what hits.

Is it the idea? Is it the writer? Is it the way I'm trying to tell the story?

Je n'ai aucune idée.

I don't want to force it and I can't seem to proceed any other way because it just doesn't feel right. To plan or not to plan? I've done both including the former in greater or lesser forms and I just can't hit it.


This is where I'm currently stuck as I stare at my manuscript on Scrivener.


thedr9wningman said...

But, isn't the process to write and write and then edit? Or am I just not a writer enough to know? It feels like the overthinking-it Daemon is taking over. Who are you to judge what is too contrived? I mean, wasn't AVATAR like the most contrived plot ever, but it still was successful?

Let your work materialise without blocking it. Your thoughts and judgements just stand in the way of materialising this body. You are a conduit for it. Let it drive.

Ceci Virtue said...

It is... but for some reason it's still not... I don't know...feeling done... or full... I feel like I've scraps... highlights... but no other meat.

Also, you have a point. Like... using it as a skeleton and then filling it out. The point is... in the overthinking it... I'm not sure what SORT of skeleton I'm building. Is it an animal? What kind? Human? Female or male? I think this is where I'm stuck. Part of the problem is... how to shape the idea, I suppose. Maybe pick one and see how that goes????

UGH! See the problem?