Friday, October 10, 2014

Found Objects

I fell into some websites by way of voting for a site I like. It wasn't supposed to take very long, this voting, but what started as taking a few minutes to clear my personal inbox turned into a couple of hours of digging through nominated sites. Why?!


Because they were all damn impressive! 

"Being able to say I remember, is a blessing most of us take for granted.In France, 850,000 people suffer from Alzheimer's disease and 225,000 new cases are diagnosed each year."

The website (second world war online) functions as a portal but also features online exhibitions on the topic. The current exhibition tells the story of the Second World War in 100 diverse objects, brought together from the combined collections of 25 Dutch war museums. Ranging from a wool sweater that, because of the textile scarcity, was made entirely out of dog hair to a pair of round spectacles that famous Dutch resistance fighter Hannie Schaft used as a disguise during her missions. The objects, each one with its own special story, showcase the many different sides of WW II. Next to the online exhibition (to be viewed on computer, tablet and smart phone), the objects will also be on display in the internationally renowned Kunsthal Rotterdam.

You can see a short video for it here.

The Dutch Alzheimer’s Foundation wants to mobilize more and younger people in the fight against dementia, people for whom the disease is more remote. To do so we created a Facebook campaign that used friend’s photos to allow people to experience what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s disease. During the campaign, people were tagged in photos of events that never took place. A photo would appear on their timeline, in which they could see themselves at an event that they knew they had never attended. This personal confusing experience brought the problem very close by.

One of the ballets that the National Dutch Ballet will be performing  this season is Swan Lake and one of the operas that the National Dutch Opera will perform is Mozart's The Magic Flute. It makes me want to go and see these, even though it'll take quite a bit more money and time than just an evening at the theater.

I had to stop there because there are things I actually have to do at work.