Friday, October 3, 2014

So! I know you've heard me mention my friends Tim and Ant before. You remember these guys, right?

Well, Epic Aerials is a new series that Tim and Anthony are making for EpicTV. The email I got from Mai lovely friend (hello, luvie!) said that the twins are
"... filming extreme sports and athletes from their unique vantage point, a paramotor. They're soaring in high winds and zipping through tight spaces to get in close when they're make their rounds, visiting old friends and making new ones - always exploring (and pushing) the limits of adventure! 
This is a Climbing episode they just finished filming in the French Riviera where they took an ordinary weekend and turned it into a cannonball weekend of sailing, climbing and paramotoring! (Tim and Anthony are filming this one but will be featured in future episodes)."

Check it out on Epic TV!