Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I used to write really long posts, especially when I was stuck at my parents' due to The Fiasco.

I remember reading somewhere that people can't/don't really pay much attention to a post/article that's too long if it's on the internet.

With that being said I give you this post:

Today I noticed that on the dean's calendar, she had marked a spot to play polo after work on Friday (she uses her Outlook calendar for personal stuff too 'cause it syncs with her iPhone and iPad). She marked it simply as POLO.
It took everything in me not to "schedule" a spot simply titled "MARCO" for the hour before it.

Now, here are a couple of pictures to also hold your interest and help this post.

 This one's a quote to make you think and/or inspire

This is the funny/quirky one to make you giggle

~brought to you by the anti-boredom committee... and the letters X and Zed~