Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock presents...

When I lived with my friends in the days before anyone got married or moved away (or both), we had an Alfred Hitchcock standee that was just a silhouette, much like the one at the beginning of every Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It was about about... 5'2" tall, give or take a few inches and it looked quite life-like.

Whenever my best friend or I got home and opened the door, it invariably scared the shit out of us before we turned on the light. It looked just like there was a man standing in our kitchen what with the faint light coming from the hallway through the door at one of the apartments we'd had. Some of the spots we'd place him in other apartments or houses didn't always get this reaction. However, no matter when or where, there was always some point that good old Alfred would end up giving one of us a scare.

At one place, our landlord/upstairs neighbor's wife, Charmagne, told us a story upon meeting Alfred, our standee.

"He was a horrible man with a sick sense of humor," Charmagne said as soon as she saw him.

"Did you know him?"

"I was on the lot and he drove toward us in his car. He stopped, looked at me and then sped up heading right for me! I ran and yelled and he just slowed down and continued on his way past me, laughing!"

I don't know if he ever had really known or met Charmagne, or if he had only seen her and decided how he felt. Maybe it was just a test of his. Dunno. Personally, I thought it was funny and that Alfred Hitchcock must have been quite a man to know. Knowing Charmagne in the limited way that I did, I think his actions may have been called for, even if just for a good chuckle. He sounded like a great guy, in my opinion.