Saturday, May 1, 2010


Last week vacation started. It was something that I was looking forward to along with Maile's wedding and seeing everyone. What with the Volcano fiasco that caused almost everyone in the US from being able to go to Europe, I figured I'd take one anyway. So I thought, why not Lexington as I've been promising them a visit since 2008.

Having come to that realization right after I had to get a refund on my ticket, I looked for a ticket to Lexington and bought it a little over a week ago.

So here I am in Lexington hanging out with Neely, Stephen and Sadie, along with Neely's boyo and his roommates. Oddly, it's a lot like being at Casa Stella. I was at Neely's boyo's while Stephen was at work and the kids were playing a D&D Star Wars game while I geeked out on World of Warcraft. Just like home and with friends, old and new, that are just as great.

Lexington is GREAT! It's exactly the vacation I've needed, with lots of awesome talks with Neely and Stephen. Sometimes it's amazing that I can sniff out my own and that we find each other.

That is all for now, but before I sign off I'll leave you with a pic of Furious George who's on board with my type of vacation.