Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates - a view in Pictures

SOOOO I've been here and there and this week is the 34th Annual Ceci Celebration, which was kicked off FABULOUSLY on Saturday at the Driftwood room with a small gathering of friends.

Xiao, Mae, M and me.

Da5id and me

Before Ceci's week o' fun, I was ...well I was sick but that's boring so we're gonna skip that. I was in Lexington, KY visiting my lovies, Neely and Stephen. GREAT time! Exactly what I needed. It was great to reconnect with Stephen and find out just how much of a counterpart we are to each other. He's the male me, and I'm the female him. Late nights geeking out to music and talking, mornings talking about anything that popped into our heads, days getting to really know each other better/ visiting the tattoo shops he works at. Neely and I hung out a bit too and I ADORE her son Jett. He's in a Spanish immersion school and we were speaking Spanish! Too cute. There are ALLLL sorts of other people I met that I adore... and I'm trying to figure out how and when to go back already! Figures, eh?

Stephen and me up late as usual.

Neely and me hanging out at Electric Arts.

My surprise new tattoo that I kind of came up with and Stephen drew up the rest.

The 3 strikes and your out boxes so that I NEVER forget.

So much more but it just ends up sounding like a list so... there we go!