Thursday, May 27, 2010

See this boyo?

I believe that most of you saw this pic in my last post, but I'm putting it in this one to point him out specifically.

That is Stephen. I think a lot of my friends know him. Stephen and I went to the same high school and had friends in common but never talked. He claims shyness and I claim being an elitist. It's true. We re-met through Maile about... 6 years after? and we clicked! There were late night calls and long talks of music or just playing music for each other, discussing the crazy, discussing our lives. I loved that boy. When he'd come to visit we were inseparable and, again, we would stay up as late as possible. Da5id liked to call him my boyfriend.

So in December Da5id and I came out as poly/ in an open relationship and it was made known that the boyo has a Mae. The way we decided to work this is that we weren't looking to replace the other nor were we looking to just screw around. If someone came along that there was a connection with, we could follow it. It came about because of Da5id's feelings for Mae that were never expected but just sort of happened. I felt no threat and it made sense to me.

How can I put this? As I said, we've been friends for a while. Due to Maile's wedding not working out, I decided to use my vacation time to go visit Stephen and my friend Neely in Lexington. I spent A LOT of time with Stephen and I would be lying if I said there had never been any chemistry there and that I didn't do something about it in Lexington. Next thing you know, I'm in love with boy. I mean... I've always loved him, but I fell fully head over heels in love with him. He's, as I said in my last post, my male counterpart. I admire and adore him, he makes me laugh, shares music with me and understands the depths of the lows and the highs of the highs.

Much talking... wrapping my head around it... several people telling me I was dumb for not thinking this could happen, and boom! here we are.

Like I said, this is very new to me and fairly new to us (Da5id and I) so I've been trying to get my bearings. Stephen and I decided on Monday, what the hell!? We feel like we feel, I'm in an open relationship so let's just jump in and see where it goes.

So there you have it. I have a boyfriend... and I'm pretty proud of him, too. Where will this lead? I don't know right now nor do I particularly care. We all have an understanding and we'll just work it through from there.