Friday, October 24, 2008

I feel like I've been gone forever and yet I went no where!

Well, technically, I did go to LA last weekend (I'll post about that later... when I can provide photos), but you know what I mean.

I've decided I have to get to focusing on what's going on here with me, in all aspects.

To begin with, I told myself that THIS time (...with feeling) I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo
since I think that this time, I can do it and not talk myself out of it.
For those of you who aren't in the know, November is National Novel Writing Month. Basically, you spend all of November trying to write a novel (50,000 words) - no editing allowed! You're basically just getting it all out there to see if you can do it. I decided that this year, I'd go ahead and run this marathon for writers and see if I can finish.
Anyone wanna join me?

So yesterday this kid at Mother's Bistro called me Ma'am and would ALWAYS do so. Do I look like a ma'am to you?! I do?! I dunno... someone should tell that kid that using ma'am all the time and with everyone is just... weird and bothersome.


... ma'am...

I'm considered a Lord in some lands, kid! I have photographic proof of this:

I'd like to thank London for this peecture. It's ever so great!

I have a new job! I love it and they sorter created a position for me as they knew they needed help but weren't sure what and they basically took a look at my resume and said, " yes please!" So they want to utilize all my mad skillz yo! Heh! Anyway, the guys are nice and the job has all sorts of aspects that I'm learning and it's really very exciting and... I love it!
I also love that I work in Cedric's building if ONLY for right now. It's fun!

Other things I'm doing:
-sweating like crazy at spin class 3 times a week... and loving it!
-trying to do better at keeping in touch with all my friends *hello out there!*
-putting plans together with Kat for Kat's Birthday European tour 2009! That's right!
-whining a lot (I'm not proud of this one, but it's true)


Marginalia said...

You got yourself a deal, little lady. I will run this marathon with you, because I have written 7 pages, and this is just the shove I need to try to write the rest.

Ceci Virtue said...

YAY! I thought you might do this with me, Chloé!


I'd love to trade notes. We can even do an iChat meetup? Give pointers, etc.?