Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13th!

Today is october 13th and I love it!!!!

What did I do today??? That's not the point. It's my cousin Bonnie's birthday (Happy birthday, Bon!) but mainly it's October, which is my favorite month.

Seriously, Fall is a time when everything changes. Good or changes... and I've always been a big supporter of it.

So...what comes with fall??? Hmmm... new hair... new friends... although my old friends are taking me back to LA (Leigh's birthday and apparently I can't miss it for the world!)

This... is life.

I love it. I'm not sure where things stand with the boyo ... or even myself... but I'm still here... and I'm still logging the hours.

Which reminds me... don't think that all strangers are good! Da5id and I had our first housewarming and some kid came knocking at our door at about 1am or so and, against my better judgment da5id let him in to a "friends only" party. A housewarming party where we had figured out who we wanted there because of their involvement in our lives at the stage where we were merely getting help from our friends and those around us, so it was a sort of thank you to those responsible for our involvement in the PDX clan and just... being here.

There were a TON of people I wanted to invite, mind you, but we decided that it was better to keep it small since we only had so much room to work with.

Da5id learned that we might want to save everyone, but not everyone is worth saving. At about 1 am or so, there was a knock at the door. Being an expert at dealing with the police, I figured I had this covered. So I answered the door only to find a boy who was intent on persuading me that letting him in was the best thing to do. I am used to people trying to come in off the street, having given my fair share of parties, however, this kid made me think, no! Not only no, but that this party wasn't just a party, it was about celebrating the people that allowed us to get here... in any way, shape, or form.

Well, the kid abused it. Once people had left, he demanded (really!) that he be allowed to stay. Da5id's thing was that he had been cool and allowed him into our party, given him drink... and now he wanted more???? So Da5id, after calling Cedric over for back up (thank you Cedric), told the guy to leave. At which point he (the kid) went around to the front (Cedric and Da5id having already closed and locked the back door) and started opening it when Da5id ran over and finished opening it for him. The kid started saying something about how we were stupid for leaving the door unlocked and Da5id basically told him how stupid he is for not getting out of there since he was calling the cops. I don't know if it was shear stupidity that kept the kid arguing but as Da5id dialed, he was still talking and standing around. Did he really think he was going to get back in and stay with us?


Ah, October! What more do you have coming up for me?