Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So I get a certain high from meeting new people.

I dunno... it's just what I love. I love talking to people, you know, just sitting and shooting the shit. It doesn't have to be a particularly smart conversation, it doesn't have to to be about music *although, as again tonight has proven, I do tend to find the person or people that love it as much as I do* or anything in particular. No, basically, I just like meeting new and interesting people. Let me tell you that that has been the main perk of moving to a new city.

Today I asked all sorts of things that I wanted to ask about my new city and I got all kinds of opinions, all which made me all the more interested and also made me laugh.

This, people, is what living is all about.

One interacts with one's fellow man/woman. Now... put the meeting point at a bar which of course means add some alcohol (preferably vodka, but I'm not picky), shake... and it's all sorts of grand. Nights like this will find me talking to the random guy in the street in front of the house who made a funny crack as we tried to get the door open. Nights like this, anyone can ask me anything and I wouldn't wonder, what the hell did they mean by that (which actually only generally happens once the crazy and paranoid sets in later that night and I've had time to over-think everything.)

Today I thought it was funny that the comment I got from a clever girl (you know you are!) was that on my blog, this blog, she thought I was 16! Well, I think 'cause really, deep down inside... I am 16. Hell, I generally feel 16 and I don't think that's a bad thing.

Some might say, it's almost like I'm reborn :)

Say what you like, I happen to meet some pretty interesting people that make me fall in love with the world all over again....

I know, I know... how naive can you get, right?

speaking of 16...clicky the linky on the post title!


Bee said...

Wow! 16! Someone recently told me I looked 25 and almost gave her my car!

Ceci Virtue said...

Well I don't know that I LOOK 16... but I sure as hell ACT like it!


in my mind, that's a good thing.