Monday, June 2, 2014

Things I'm currently ga-ga about

Things I'm currently in love with - OR - Things's that remind me that I love life:

  • I recently purchased the vinyl of Bird's My Fear & Me after I heard A War. I'm in love!  If you didn't see my post last weekend on facebook, you can check 'em out here: 

  • I've put it out to the 'Verse that I'm a very excellent Gal Friday and Professional Monster. We'll see what the 'Verse has to say, eh?
  • I'm writing a book because I feel like it's high time that I added my voice to the conversation about mental health that is going on online... and hopefully elsewhere as well! So I found a mentor, I made some inquiries, and I'm currently listening to my brain. It pours out stuff that I had no idea it was already forming in there. This is very exciting for me!
  • I'm attending the Books-in-Progress conference at the Carnegie Center here in Lexington, KY. That's this Friday and Saturday!
  • I'm taking the GRE this Sunday. yay? Why??? Because...
  • I'm applying to the Masters in Library & Information Science program. The deadline is July 1st. I waited because I had a lot going on with school and work, then I needed to unwind and study between my last final and now since some of the math slips my mind. So here I go!
  • I'm headed to CA in August for my 20th (what?!) high school reunion. Oh lord! My friend Keith rallied the small group of us and I decided why not!? It's kinda going hand-in-hand with the book. In case you forgot, it's going to be a YA novel about the year the bipolar kicks in for a girl in high school. 
  • A new friend recently pointed me towards Kristin Hersh's Rat Girl. It's her memoir of the year that her band Throwing Muses was signed to 4AD, she was diagnosed as bipolar, and she got pregnant. You can see why he thought to point me to it, yes? It's lovely and it's helping with my book, mainly because Kristin says things that truly hit home, like: 
"That I had a calling, I was on a mission. That music was beautiful math, that it's owning violence. Songs are electricity, my religion." 
"So I'm not me anymore; I'm bipolar. No matter how okay I feel right now, I'm not okay and I never will be. Apparently."
 Which is exactly how I felt when I was diagnosed. I finally have a book that speaks to me about it, that's helping me write a book to speak about it. This, I love!