Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life is short, guys. Too short. I've had plenty of reminders of this in the past... few months? I mean, I always do, but...

There is not going to be any time later that's better to do x, y, or z. There's only now.

This might not necessarily be true, and yet it kind of is. What's so different from then... now? What will you learn? If anything, perhaps you should ask yourself, what won't you learn.

You won't until you do, so do it.

I'm writing a book. NOW. Right now. I keep thinking that this book idea I have is something I'll write later when I have a better idea for it, a clearer picture of it, have become a better writer. It's not gonna happen if I keep waiting, and really, what am I waiting for???? This is what I want to do, this is part of my passion. So I want to do what it is that I want to do, now. It seems to me the only time I really have is the present; everything else is merely borrowed, gambling on a future investment.

I've recently learned that I'm quite passionate about talking about mental health issues... specifically about bipolar disorder because that's what I know. It was devastating to me when I was diagnosed, and now I find that it's not so bad. Why is it that they make it sound so horrid, like all of a sudden you're one of the walking dead? Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!!!

Yes, there are meds. Yes, there are therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors. Yes, you have to relearn how to do certain things.

BUT! But you get to stop being totally out of control all the time, and you get to take a break from what you're used to that has gotten out of hand and is maybe no fun anymore. You get to learn new skills for life, and listen to yourself in a different way. This way, maybe after a while you don't need all the therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors, maybe you won't need all the meds. With these new skills - by learning your own tells, noises, and signs - you can start doing more on your own so that you're more like the you that you were used to, but smarter... and with mad skills, yo!

Bipolar really isn't so bad, and one can learn to live with it without ALL OF THE MEDS! and ALL OF THE DOCTORS, SHRINKS, AND THANGS! 

That is what I wish I knew in high school, and it's something that I wish I had found a book on at that age. I found so much understanding through my books, but I didn't find this. Don't worry, though, it's nothing that I knew to look for or even  knew I was missing. Still, I want to write the book I wish I had in high school, that book that opens my eyes and makes me feel that someone out there gets it, someone out there understands.

I want to let people know that I get it. Maybe it'll be one of the nieces or nephews, who knows! I want them to know that I get it, and I'm here to help them figure out the why and how of it, if only by leading by example.

So there's no time like right now! For me, because who knows! For them... the kids out there that I understand... because... well, also, who knows?! I'd like to give them a little more time if I can.