Saturday, August 25, 2012

That Ole Biological Clock

These are my nieces

My brother's daughter, Madison, age 2

My sister's daughter, Jacqueline, 5 months

These 2 little ones have my full attention! I think of it as my biological clock ticking. I swear I'll show anyone who's interested pictures. Is this normal for an aunt?? It's not that I now want a baby, it's more like I wish I was there to spend time with them. 

I met Maddie when I was in California last year for my cousin's wedding. She's cute, inquisitive, and her own little person. When my brother's wife was pregnant I said, "Just watch! You're going to have a little girl and she's going to be just like me!" My brother and I don't see I to eye and, well, it seems that I've cursed him. According to my mom, Maddie is reminiscent of me at her age. She's quite emotional, she likes to sing and picks up on things you wouldn't think she could. My brother apparently LOVES her. Well, unlike me, she is his daughter and my mom says she's got daddy wrapped around her finger.

Jacqueline I've only seen a TON of pictures of. I hope to meet her soon... ish. She has my father's blue eyes and I see my sister there when she smiles. I'm sure she might have some of her father's features, but all I see are the eyebrows... maybe the lips. She makes the best expressions in her pictures and she uses those eyebrows with her big anime eyes a lot. I'm in love with this kid. She has to wear a little helmet currently because she has a bad flat spot, but she's going to the doctor soon to see if she has to continue. When I heard that she had to wear it and that she has to do exercises every day, it tugged at my heart! Poor kid. Still, she looks cute in her helmet, in my opinion.

Ok ok... I'll bug you with 2 more pictures and then I'll leave you alone.

Seriously, the expressions on their faces are awesome! I've got it bad, I'm telling you.