Friday, August 13, 2010

Shoes and ships and sealing wax

It's Friday the 13th! Contrary to popular belief, I find it quite lucky and today is so far *touch wood* pretty lovely.

Life's surreal. I like it. It's a little tough, sure, but it's good. HA! (understatement of the YEAR!)
Here I am, living with my boyfriend in Lexington, KY! Not only that but that my boyfriend is Stephen. If you told me this just 4 months ago, I would not have believed you. Ok well I would have smiled at the Stephen part. Heh.

You know what? I like it. It's good. I have no idea what comes next and that's ok by me. Stephen and I are... well, perfect... or at least for each other. Somehow or other, 2 wrongs (or rather, crazies) make a right. We help balance the other out when things kick in. That's only for the mental stuff and our... demeanor, I guess you'd say. Aside from that, we're a lot alike. He's the male me and I'm the female him. Cheesy, right?

Home feels like home. It's Stephen's house that's our house now. We're painting and talking about what we want to do with it. The cats are now... well, partially mine. I've never had cats before.

Honestly, this is all so... odd. Da5id and I went our own ways and we realize that that's the way it is and that it's actually better. We still get on each others nerves as... well, we really have changed that much. I guess it's just another reminder of how the choice we made (some would argue that it's the choice I made) was the right one. It makes me sad and at the same time I just have to realize that we had our run, mostly good in my opinion, and now it's shifted, it's done.

Stephen and I, in the meantime, will see how this goes. Mainly, it's going really well and I'm very happy about that.

As for updates:

Stephen's legal matters are mostly resolved. He just needs an assessment from an approved program which he needs to present to the court in 3 weeks. It's a long story... should have been a simple story, really, but if that CUNT of an ex he has wasn't so hellbent on ruining him, we wouldn't be here. If you don't know the story, well... it's complicated. I think some of you do. THAT was good news! Last night reminded me a lot of the time right before I was... almost doomed to jail. It was tough and there was a lot of prep for whatever may have happened.

Seriously... cunt of a whore!
... and a stinky one at that.

ANYWAY... I've applied for unemployment and I hope it's gone through. It seems like it may have, due to what I see online. Cross your fingers!

What else??

I'm looking for a job and hoping to find SOMETHING. A few leads on jobs.. that's good, but so far it's just been dead leads. Still, I keep looking.

Aside from that... today has been a wonderful day.