Monday, August 30, 2010

House of Usher

... is what we decided to call our house.

Seriously, yo.

Last night found us helping to drink away misery with friends. Suffice it to say, a sleep over was necessary. We were all quite... a mess. With all the problems in the house and what with all of us being certifiable, Stephen and I decided the name was apropos.

There was a lot of falling, spills and cigarette dropping.

Now we need to make a sign for it.


So I'm supposed to hear from the unemployment office by tomorrow. They told me that they need to have a ruling by the third week of my initial filing. They had to investigate because I had quit so they don't usually give unemployment in those cases unless there was a special circumstance... like, say... relocation. That's me! So we'll see. I really need this as the job search is slow and frustrating. QUITE frustrating.

Stephen's doing ok. Now that the kids are back for university, the shop has had a bit more of a steady influx. So yeah... money is good if I can get money either by getting a job or by getting the unemployment.

Stephen and I, on the other hand, are doing just splendidly in non-money related issues. :D That's a good upside.