Thursday, January 17, 2008

... and then


ok... so it would have been neat just to let this story end in a cliff hanger.
It's a great ending... well sort of... it's all overdone...

I TRULY meant to update after the big showdown, but I got so wrapped up in wedding things that... well I had no time.

we did get married

after I posted the last bit there...Da5id hung up and apologized for losing sight of what was important and for not listening to me. I was very upset so I was a bit reluctant to forgive him at first but he was sincere and I felt like it was a stupid reason to throw it all away. Maybe it was all the stress... or his pigheadedness and the stress. yeah... I vote the latter.


My favorite moment of the actual ceremony was this:

This was the part where... in all the nervousness, and aside from whatever Dr. Mr. Priester Bob was saying, all that could be heard was a very dramatic sigh escape from Ava our flower girl followed by a very loud comment of "This is so great!"

So yeah...

*jumps into the air and does a little foot kick*


Bringing Up Ben said...

Ava was was SO great!!

leigh said...

*giggles* that moment was so Ava...and so perfect, she just said what the rest of us were thinking : )