Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ceci the esploding bride



it's been about a month since I wrote something on here... maybe a little less... but there abouts

according to our little countdown... there are 24 days until



seriously... i don't know how my head is NOT going to explode before the end of the month.
if i survive... i'll drink myself into a stupor in portland.

things going through my mind right now:
- what if my dress doesn't fit anymore? I'm having nightmares of the dress not zipping and me popping seams ... and just looking like ... a big ole sausage
... this one is very prominently on my mind
so much so that it's the only picture i had in my mind as i battled my way through one of the toughest spin classes i've had... i even had a small puddle of sweat under me.
- how many things have i forgotten and is it too late to do anything about them? is anything really done?
- when the hell am i going to get christmas shopping done!? mind you it's just for the immediate family... 'cause we have soooooo much else to pay for
- really... will i fit in my dress???


i forgot the rest....

*slaps hand to head*



Anonymous said...

I can't guarantee it, but from stress alone, you will probably drop a couple of pounds. The dress will look great - and if we need to run out and get you some Spanx, so be it.
If you need help with your list, let me know. I am so Bah Humbug this year, I would rather do ANYTHING but Christmas stuff right now.