Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the gap

See this thing???

NO! not the cleavage!

That GAP right there????... kinda looks like I'm sneering doesn't it??

So the other day at the dentist's office, she (the dentist) said something to me about it (the gap) ... mind you, I've asked about this before of my past dentists and they'd always said the same thing... that it's no big deal...that I should just leave it...

now...now I'm asked if I want to do something about it.
why?! should i??? is it bad?? is that why you're asking????

So it made me think of something Sarah told me. She told me that once she was telling Sam (her ex) a story about me and she said, "Oh the one with the missing tooth?"
Sarah said, "She doesn't have a tooth missing!"


Does it REALLY look that bad???

and THEN!

Wait 'til I tell you the story about another beauty mishap! Oh, just you wait! Well you can kinda see it in the picture...but you have to know it's there...and you really can't get the full devastation of it unless it's a sans makeup picture...and I give you a good shot of it...

I'd do it now but it requires taking a picture... downloading it...uploading it...writing a post about it...and I'm supposed to be sleeping!!! It's the middle of the night and I have to work at 6am!!!

ok.... really... that is another story and shall be told another time...


leigh said...

I'm sorry, but it's hard to see the gap with all the cleavage...hahahah..have you been to Georgia again without telling me?? *snicker*

as for the gap, does it bother you? if not, then leave it be! and it doesn't look like you're missing a tooth, it's just a little gap

Anonymous said...

pfft... I've never even noticed it before. I was going to get veneers just for my wedding pics, and then I realized Dan loves me for who I am and could care less about my teeth insanity - the cost-to-necessity ratio was too much.