Monday, July 23, 2007

I've returned to the land of the living after being away for Merilee's and Gabe's wedding in South Dakota


I had a FABULOUS time with everyone...a definite joining of not just these 2, but of their friends and family ...and I think we all loved each other... well, mostly ;)

came the release of the new(and last) Harry Potter book on Friday, July 20th at midnight (so technically, July 21st...) ....and I've spoken to very few since...
Also, I have work...which is what kept me from going to celebrate Linda's birthday on Saturday (happy birthday Linda!)

but it's what's only allowed me to get 4 hours of sleep IF I'M LUCKY for the past couple of nights....

Last night I had dreams of Snape and R.A.B.

so now... the spell is broken, I've finished the book ...and I feel exhausted!

*gives a weak smile*