Sunday, July 1, 2007

Can you DO that?!

so Da5id and I are having fun "registering" for stuff ... and we decided was the place to go to register for some very "ceci and da5id" stuff

So i asked the boyo, "Do you think we can register for a Playstation3?!?!?!"
He: " I don't think we can do that"
Me: "Well Albert at the store said he'd get it for me."
He: "Then Albert can get it for us...but I don't think we can put that on there"
Me: "well, if you think about it, if everyone from the store put in $10....that would definitely do it!"
He:" You do that..."

....and i DO think I will
but ... really... what is ok to put on one's registry??? What if you put it on it much like I might put "I want a trust fund" on my wish list????

just curious....
but yeah....notice how the games out number... everything???


Anonymous said...

It is totally practical: Wedding = poor, poor = stay at home, stay at home = need entertainment, need entertainment = play station.

leigh said...

why wouldn't you put a PS3 on your list??? I mean, I put every board game imaginable on our registry...I'm on board with you adding it to your list, along with some games to go with it! good times ahead, woo hoo!