Saturday, July 12, 2014

Imagine you're walking down the street where you live. It's just any old night and nothing seems particularly fabulous. You might even be feeling a little low because life isn't very magical and everything is too real, too... stark.

Then, you see a faint, blue light coming from the garage of a boarded up old building across the street.
Copyright 2014 - Walter Hugo & Zionel

So you stop and stare, wondering... what are those little lights in a blue... room? What is that? 

You look around because the street seems a little different now, and you're not quite sure you're really here. The street is deserted. Is that right? Should it be? Or... 

So you cross the street to have a better view.
Copyright 2014 - Walter Hugo & Zionel

Suddenly, you're not you anymore and the world isn't real. There is a tank of jellyfish in this garage! What is it doing here? Who put it in the garage of this abandoned building? Why?

However, it doesn't really matter now. The world is all the more magical for it... and that's all that counts.

You can see the installation, The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living, and the livestream at London's Gazelli Art House.


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Ceci Virtue said...

Right?! I love this kind of thing and it all sorter took my breath away. Life needs random art and beauty!!!! We should all strive to make it so.