Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Limbo Zamba

I'm sorry I've been quiet. It's just that... things are quiet. Not in a boring way, really, more like in a... listening, I guess, way.

There is too much on my mind, too many things that I need to focus on that everything else falls to the wayside. I wish I had time to talk it all out with you, but there's just so much and I really need to basically keep on moving so that I don't stall. 

Well, maybe I wouldn't stall... maybe I'd just take a nap for a while. Who knows? Still, I don't want to take that chance. 

Isn't it funny how everything changes in a minute?... a second? 

This is why I am usually so big on short stories; they focus on that moment in time when something snapped, ripped, changed.

Except I want to know more about this life and not just that moment. I want to know if something more comes of it all and if she moves or if he becomes bigger, better, greater than. 

Time has restarted, so to speak, and it's a bit like a do-over. 

There's a stop, a click, a turn, and reset. 

Then silence... and thinking... and finding... and maybe a little writing. 

This reminds me of the year that I lost my words. Except, this time I'm trying to get it right and not just let them S... l... i...p...... through my fingers and into 
                                                                                                               thin air 

but have them land         softly, 

even                      mess                                                    ily


on paper and screen.