Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I've taken a step back to look at things. Sometimes, they say, we need to do that... sometimes I feel more productive that way. I'm focusing on things that help me more, like the food that my body really craves, or more amount of movement. The last 3 nights I've either attempted to write or have written in some way shape or form. Maybe it's not very much, but it's something - it's a beginning.

I'm learning to like the quiet, the voice in it that speaks to me. Actually, I do like the quiet; that's really weird for me.

It's spring and something's changing... or everything's changing. 

I'm not quite sure yet. 

I'm trying new things and trying good things. I hope it pans out.

Also, art!

I'm finding inspiration through art. Mostly that which people just like me make and some from the things I've talked to Tracy about.  Of course, there is also inspiration from professional pieces - photos, paintings, drawings, writing. I could get lost in it, save for the fact that it makes me lose focus and spins me out of me, making what I want to do seem elusive and otherworldly. Get me? The more I look at professional art, things by people who make money doing just that, the more it seems like it's something they do, something that I can't because, well... it's not part of my world. The thing I have to remember is that, well, it is part of my world! I can put it there.

I like art. It makes life beautiful and more fulfilling, I think. I need more of it in my world. So I figured, hell! I'll just make it 'cause... I can.