Sunday, June 5, 2011


Still no at home internets, although I'm lucky enough today to have found a little bit of WiFi open today.

It's a good thing that they aren't working, really, as this makes it easy for me not to post anything dumb and makes it so that I don't have to lock down the blog again for fear of what I may vent.

I've hit a bit of a depression pocket and I'm trying to work through it, but it's done little for my writing as I end up going in circles over a current situation and a variation on one of my favorite stories. I know. The depression should technically help with my writing, but currently it's just making my head spin and it comes off as... formless. Dunno how else to put it.

I have a need to work on things, though, and lately I've been working on everything but my writing.

Thought I'd keep you guys posted. Chloé, I still owe you a letter.