Monday, April 4, 2011

Why not "do"?

Photos © Sam Taylor-Wood

There are days when I feel like I'm floating and falling at the same time. It's those days when I don't know whether I can take what I have and make it into something or if it's just crap. My question currently is... how natural is it really to have that?

As children, we are told and believe that we can do anything. We could be painters, the president, an astronaut, a dancer... You name it and it's ok to dream that big. I try to instill that in my friends and for the most part they don't let me down and end up inspiring me! When Amander was hmm-ing and haw-ing about applying to Yale's grad school, I said do it. When London was having the same feelings about going to Central St. Martin's in London, I said do it. A lot of us told the both of them, "Just try it!" So they did and... they did! Amanda got in and so did David. Where are they now? They're still doing what it is that they want to do in order to do what it is they want to do.

Sorry if I embarrass you guys but I am pretty damn proud of the both of you.

ANYWAY! My point...

My point is that we lose this. Why? Is it egotistical of me to think that I can do anything? Will I be letting myself down in the long run? OR... maybe... maybe I will just go ahead and do, maybe I will accomplish more than I ever have and ever thought (but did dream and hope) that I could?

I'm reminded of Tracy's New Year's resolution one year that she told me about. She vowed (and correct me where I'm wrong, Tracy) to just be awesome (or was it to tell everyone how awesome you are??). She was (and is) and the year was great!

So maybe... and I hope you come along with me on this one, guys... maybe what I... what we need to do is just do so that we will, and thereby accomplish all those things we've always wanted to.
Then again, maybe I'm just manic.

Ah, ha!... but what if I'm not??

Fall with me... fly with me. The worst that could happen is... we don' why not... do?


~m said...

My resolution was to not be humble, so for all practical purposes... yes I told everyone how awesome I was... or more I let them tell me and it was awesome.
Life is only what we make it... so what if we fail... at least we tried... regrets are from not trying... No regrets... I agree... do!