Wednesday, September 22, 2010

T minus 7 days and counting...

Well, we're at the 3 month mark and I still have no job. I have a few very likely-s but nothing solid. I've stopped celebrating everytime I supposedly have a job because those keep falling through. I am told I have a job at as a coach for new hires in the returns dept. but they have yet to call me with a start date (mind you, I only had my orientation last Thursday). Today I went for a job at ACS for a call center for people who place orders which pays the same amount as the Amazon job. My friend Anne got hired on the spot, but I had to leave to get the car to Stephen for his appointment so I need to return tomorrow for the interview portion. THAT, however, doesn't start until October 11th.

I NEED MONEY NOW! I need a job that I can start on Monday because this is driving me insane.

Other than that stress, the only other thing is that I will be off meds as of next Tuesday. Let's watch and see what happens.

Anything else... is AWESOME.

Seriously, if I just got paid for being me or had a trust fund or benefactor or something, things would be superfuckinggood!